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Simple Socks (™)


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Simple Socks is a single-player puzzle game, wherein you help Sock Fairy Jenny, 
and her legion of nocturnal elves steal socks. Simple Socks(TM) features hours of
game-play, cute  characters and sock designs. Each level challenges the players to
use their logic and a special character ability to advance. Simple Socks Free is 
available with reduced content and ads.

  • Select from a set of cute characters, each has a unique avatar and ability.
  • Multiple regular and special sock designs; plus multiple backgrounds and dozens of levels.
  • Promotes learrning with subtle use of math, pattern-matching, and strategy elements being required to play to win. 
  • Storytelling with the use of animations, also covers Game Success and Failure scenarios.
  • Music and sound effects from composer of Indie award winning Cogs.
  • Landscape orientation with options for left and right-handed play.
  • Achievements and Leaderboards through Apple Game Center.
  • Ad integration through AdWhirl.
  • Social Media integration through HeyZap.
In-game screenshots:

Developed by Secret 6 for Simple Games, Inc.


For early production videos see

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