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Simple Socks Too

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Simple Socks Too is a significant update to Simple Socks and affects a change to the 3D world using Unity compared to the 2D world of Simple Socks which used Cocos2D.

  • 3D Characters with a "follow the sock" animation
  • Each character has a unique washer to enhance identification.
  • 3D socks with a group of animal and a group of people socks.
  • Multiple 3D backgrounds with multiple grid shapes
  • Enhanced "speed" mode to place socks using a tap in addition to touch-centric drag mode.
  • New power-up socks and damage socks.
  • Learning modules available as DLC for math and music, adds additional learning goals over Simple Socks v1.
  • In-game inventory allowing user selection of power ups per-level.
  • In-game store allowing users to advance their level with in-game purchases; all items accumulate in-game at a constant rate.
  • Music and sound effects from composer of Indie award winning Cogs.
  • Landscape orientation with options for left and right-handed play.
  • In-game inventory and store through PlayPhone.
  • Achievements and Leaderboards through ?.
  • Ad integration through AdWhirl.
  • Social Media integration through Facebook Connect.
  • Analytics through Flurry.
In-game screenshots:

Developed by Secret 6 for Simple Games, Inc.

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