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Simple Games, Inc. is an emerging mobile game studio founded by industry veterans. Our focus is family-friendly games that are fun and inviting.  We use the power of touch and mobile devices in innovative ways to deliver an experience that will make you smile.

Core Team

Martin Mueller

Martin Mueller founded [SG] in [2011] and has been the key driving force behind the game IP to assure the Company’s continued viability. Martin has worked on IPs for Activision, THQ, Accolade, and others. He has a long history in game design, game business development, and is an avid gamer. And he worked in the DLC industry for emerging content shops.

Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor is COO, CFO, and VP Engineering / Production and co-founder, has a long history in game development, consumer platforms, and technical marketing. He is responsible for all game production and engineering. He has worked at Intel, Microsoft, ATI, Borland, and Sierra Games in engineering, program management, and production roles for developer tools, platform technology, and AAA games.

Steven Siegel

Steven Siegel has a degree in game design from Champlain college and has years of game experience at multiple companies. He brings a fresh perspective and is a tireless advocate for simplicity.

Advisory Board

Dominic Mallison

After graduating in Computer Science from the University of Durham, England, Dominic spent time at Microsoft working on compilers followed by work as a research scientist with Pilkington Glass in the UK. He went on to join Psygnosis which was subsequently acquired by Sony in 1993. While at Sony, Dominic has worked on various PlayStation related projects and is now Vice President of the US Research and Development department of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Bill Rehbock

Bill Rehbock was hired as the Director of Developer Relations at NVIDIA in December 2001, heading the marketing and business relationship teams that work with software developers and publishers worldwide, ensuring that games and applications are well-aligned with NVIDIA graphics and platform hardware. He launch NVIDIA’s “The Way It’s Meant to be Played” game content awareness program that has been one of the most successful platform stories in the PC industry.

Ken Williams

Ken acts as Legal Advisor for Simple Games in all legal matters. Ken has game industry experience from Condor, Blizzard, Flagship Studios, and Present Creative. Ken graduated with a JD From Loyola in 1993.

Mike Romanies

Mike advises Simple Games on all matters financial from his more than 25 years experience across a range of activities but specifically his experience fund-raising for public and private companies ranging from start-ups and turn-around situations to divisions of multi-billion dollar multi-national entities. 

All plans not final and subject to change without notice.